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How can I tell if I need an alignment?


The most common way to know that you need an alignment is if your car or truck is pulling to the side of the road – either side. If you notice it’s difficult to keep the car driving straight down the road without pulling on your steering wheel it’s likely you need your car aligned.

What if I put off an alignment?

A properly aligned car is safer and costs less to maintain.  When you’re alignment is off, you would notice that it wears out your tires faster. That can be expensive.  Also from a safety standpoint, the more tread and proper alignment you have in a sudden stop, the better.

Is there a difference between a 4 wheel and 2 wheel alignment?

Yes. The vehicles that have four-wheel independent suspensions or an adjustable rear suspension require aligning to the front wheels. The front end 2 wheel alignment only aligns the front end. If your car has a solid rear axle you can usually choose the two wheel alignment.

When and how often should my wheels be aligned?

We recommend having your alignment checked every year or 12,000 miles. You should also have your wheel alignment checked after some services. For example, when you replace your tires, shocks, struts or your brakes.


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