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Today’s vehicles are full of electronics that provide passengers with endless entertainment and drivers with directions and hands free operation of infotainment systems. But vehicle electronics also monitor the road, helping to avoid accidents by powering things like backup cameras and there is a vast amount of sensors that control engine speed, monitor air pressure and so much more to keep our cars safe. Auto electrical problems can cause major issues in different vehicle systems. If you have electrical trouble you may lose your headlights or wipers, your navigation could fail or your car may not run right or even start. These are some of the most common electrical problems in cars.

Bad Spark Plugs or Wires

Spark plugs are what create the power necessary to drive the pistons in the engine up and down. They require a small electrical charge in order to do so and if the plugs or the wires they are connected to go erode or fail in some other way the engine will not be able to properly operate. Signs of bad spark plugs include poor acceleration, rough idling or the vehicle engine cranking but not starting.

Blown Fuse

If you lose power in one system, such as your brake lights, radio or power windows you will want to check the fuse box. A vehicle’s electrical systems are all connected to the fuse box to ensure the right amount of power is getting to each system If a fuse goes fails, the system it is connected to will stop working. If this is indeed the only issue with the problem you’re having it is very inexpensive to fix.

Dead Battery

The battery is the source for all electricity in the car, so if you experience complete electrical failure the battery is likely at fault. If your car won’t start, and if your key is in the on position and no electronics work, your battery has passed on to the afterlife. But if it died due to leaving a light on or some other accessory running while the vehicle is not on for an extended period then it will just need to be jumped! Batteries do wear out over time and need replacement as necessary.

Bad Alternator

The alternator is hooked to a belt system that is spun by the turning of the engine, thus creating the power necessary to keep the battery charged. If the alternator breaks the battery will quickly be drained and all power will be lost.

If you’re having electrical issues with your car it is important to have the problem diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible so that you don’t end up with a more expensive repair. For auto electric repair in Hayden or Coeur d’Alene reach out to Lake City Auto Care Coeur d'Alene. Our team of professional technicians excel at finding and repairing the most complicated auto electric issues! No matter what problem your car is suffering from our bumper to bumper auto shop will have you back on the road in no time. Give us a call to requst an appointment for expert auto repair in Coeur d’Alene or the neighboring communities.


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