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Monthly Archives: November 2016


In the automotive world the term tune up is tossed around as much as a lonely cherry tomato in a salad. It seems like no one can ever stick a fork in it’s true meaning. Well, that’s because if you ask 5 different mechanics what a tune up is, you’ll likely get 5 different answers. The term first developed with the invention of the automobile, and generally referred to tuning the carburetor, which is the part that fed gas to the engine. Today’s vehicle’s no longer have this part, but that hasn’t stopped the term tune up from still being widely used. In general it means conducting small services that help the vehicle run better. These are 5 common aspects of a tune up. New spark plugs and plug wires The spark plugs are fed an electrical charge via the spark plug wires which thus creates a tiny burst of fire that ignites the air/fuel mixture in order to power the pistons. When the plugs become corroded or burnt, which will happen after about ... read more




Today’s vehicles are full of electronics that provide passengers with endless entertainment and drivers with directions and hands free operation of infotainment systems. But vehicle electronics also monitor the road, helping to avoid accidents by powering things like backup cameras and there is a vast amount of sensors that control engine speed, monitor air pressure and so much more to keep our cars safe. Auto electrical problems can cause major issues in different vehicle systems. If you have electrical trouble you may lose your headlights or wipers, your navigation could fail or your car may not run right or even start. These are some of the most common electrical problems in cars. Bad Spark Plugs or Wires Spark plugs are what create the power necessary to drive the pistons in the engine up and down. They require a small electrical charge in order to do so and if the plugs or the wires they are connected to go erode or fail in some other way the engine will not be able ... read more


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