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The transmission is the link between the engine and the tires. It transfers the power created by the motor to the tires via the driveline. If your transmission begins to have trouble it is imperative to get to the auto repair shop as soon as possible, as delaying repairs could result in total transmission failure. This would require a complete transmission rebuild or possibly a replacement. If you experience any of these signs of transmission trouble head to the shop for service right away. Grinding Noises A common sign of transmission trouble is a grinding noise that occurs while the car is shifting. This can occur in automatic or manual transmission vehicles and it often indicates that there is low levels of transmission fluid. Delayed Shifting When driving your automatic transmission vehicle do the engine RPMs spike when you shift from park (P) to drive (D) or in between gears as you move down the highway? This is a clear indication that your transmission is low on ... read more




In order to keep your car running in great condition it is important that you provide it with routine maintenance as dictated by the service schedule that can be found inside your car’s owner’s manual. These services are the result of a series of tests that check the capabilities of mechanical components of your vehicle. Without preventative auto maintenance parts would fail, which would result in a need for much more extensive and likely expensive auto repair. The following are the most common types of auto maintenance. Be sure to check your owner’s manual and make an appointment for service the next time your car is due! 30/60/90K Maintenance Many services are necessary every 30,000 miles for most cars and trucks, which has led to the generic term of 30/60/90K maintenance. During these check ups a technician will perform a variety of services, including safety checks, part inspections and replacements and computer diagnostics. Oil Change To keep th ... read more


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