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Customers often ask us if and when they should service their automatic transmission. The short answer…only service your transmission if you want it to last.

The number one killer of automatic transmissions is heat. Your fluid is working hard all the time to get rid of the heat caused by normal driving conditions. However, as the fluid properties break down with miles and age, it no longer dissipates heat the way it should. That’s why it is so important to service your transmission regularly.

The good news is that the service interval for your transmission is about 60,000 miles. We recommend having the first service done by 80,000 miles and then every 60k thereafter.

What’s Involved in a Transmission Service?

Every good service should start with a test drive. It’s important to know how the transmission is working before it gets worked on. At Lake City, we always test drive your car first and then scan the computer system for codes. We also make any adjustments needed and check the underside of you car for any issues.

Next, we remove the transmission pan and inspect for wear material. We replace the filter(s) and then attach our flush machine. The flush machine we use is designed to remove and replace all the old fluid without using high pressures or harmful chemicals. Finally, we install the pan and refill with new synthetic ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid).

After the service is complete, we test drive the car one more time and re-check the fluid to make sure the level is correct.

Most services take about 60-90 minutes and we have a very comfortable waiting room if you’d like to wait while we service your car. Call today for an appointment!


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