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Warranties are a beautiful thing. They can offer you low cost peace of mind about your vehicle and they also keep you on a regular maintenance schedule. Since most mechanical defects are preventable, regularly scheduled maintenance is good for you, good for your car and excellent for your pocketbook. However, we do have a little bone to pick on where to schedule these appointments.

MYTH: While Your Vehicle Is Under Warranty You Must Take It To The Dealership For Service Or You Will Risk Invalidating Your Warranty.

FACT: Federal law prohibits this stipulation, in the interest of free trade economics, to prevent dealerships from creating a monopoly on new vehicle service. Required maintenance performed at a qualified local shop satisfies your manufacturer’s warranty so that you can choose the most honest, reliable, cost-effective and convenient auto shop.

Advantages of taking your vehicle to an auto repair shop versus a dealership:

  • Friendly, Helpful Service: Dealerships are somewhat notorious for impersonal service. Working with a local shop gives you the opportunity to ask questions and know your options
  • Better Service: We’ve been doing this for 25 years so when you work with us you get the benefit of more experienced mechanics, better tools & higher qualifications.
  • More Convenience: Auto shops can offer faster turnaround catered to your needs & schedule. We offer drop off options and we stay in touch with you until the job is done.
  • Better Options: Dealerships are required to use the manufacturer’s recommendations for parts & fluids so many don’t carry anything better but auto shops can offer you more.
  • Better Transportation Options: Rather than driving all over, dropping people off, picking people up and waiting for the shuttle to get full, our shuttle service usually carries one customer at a time & we also have loaner vehicles if you have need for it.

Let’s not sugar coat things, regularly scheduled maintenance is an understood stipulation of your warranty agreement. Since it’s going to happen one way or the other, wouldn’t you prefer to work with someone who cares about your time and your needs?

Give us a call to schedule your manufacturer-required regularly scheduled maintenance and mention that you read this article, so we know that you choose to work with the very best!


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