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In the automotive world the term tune up is tossed around as much as a lonely cherry tomato in a salad. It seems like no one can ever stick a fork in it’s true meaning. Well, that’s because if you ask 5 different mechanics what a tune up is, you’ll likely get 5 different answers. The term first developed with the invention of the automobile, and generally referred to tuning the carburetor, which is the part that fed gas to the engine. Today’s vehicle’s no longer have this part, but that hasn’t stopped the term tune up from still being widely used. In general it means conducting small services that help the vehicle run better. These are 5 common aspects of a tune up.

New spark plugs and plug wires

The spark plugs are fed an electrical charge via the spark plug wires which thus creates a tiny burst of fire that ignites the air/fuel mixture in order to power the pistons. When the plugs become corroded or burnt, which will happen after about 30,000 miles of use, they will need to be replaced. Old spark plugs can cause misfiring, resulting in stalling, rough idling or perhaps cause your vehicle to not start.

New air filter

A dirty air filter will prevent the proper air and fuel mixture from being created in the engine. It may even cause your car to burn excessive amounts of gasoline, which is referred to as running rich. This can result in numerous other issues for the vehicle.

New fuel filter

A clean and clear fuel filter is important, as it prevents impurities from making their way into the fuel injection unit or even into the combustion chamber. A clogged filter could result in a very rough or even non-running vehicle.

Fuel injector service

Your mechanic may conduct a fuel injector service, essentially cleaning out the injectors to ensure that the proper amount of gas can get into the combustion chamber.

Inspection services

Another import part of a tune up includes taking a good look at your vehicle to ensure everything is in proper working order. This means taking a peek at belts and hoses and if necessary, running computer diagnostics.

If your car is not running quite right you should schedule an appointment for a tune up in Coeur d’Alene or the surrounding area with the friendly team at Lake City Auto Care Coeur d'Alene. We will take excellent care of your import or domestic vehicle! Give our crew a call to learn more about our Coeur d’Alene auto repair shop or to schedule an appointment.


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