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Engine Light

When the check engine light comes on too many drivers ignore it, because they can’t tell there is a problem with how their car is performing. However, by putting off diagnostics and repairs the issue will only get worse, meaning the repair bill will grow right along with it. If your vehicle’s check engine light has come on do not hesitate to get it checked out. The following are a few of the most common reasons that little orange glow will come about.

Loose Gas Cap

If you fail to tighten the gas cap after filling up, or if the cap is cracked or otherwise broken, it may allow fuel vapors to evaporate up and out of the filler hose, meaning you’re wasting gas the engine didn’t even get a chance to try and burn.


Misfiring can occur for a number of reasons but it is important to resolve this issue quick as it will drastically reduce your fuel efficiency and engine power. Common reasons for misfiring includes worn spark plugs or bad ignition coils.

MAF Sensor

The mass air flow sensor is located near the front of the vehicle. It measures incoming air and calculates how much needs to be mixed with the fuel to ensure a proper running vehicle. If this sensor malfunctions the light will come on because it will generally result in a vehicle that runs rich.

O2 Sensor

On the other end of the vehicle is the oxygen sensor. It works similar to the MAF sensor but it monitors oxygen in the exhaust fumes. This too will calculate how much air needs to be mixed with the gas.

Catalytic Converter

If it is found that your catalytic converter has gone bad it is likely that the check engine light has been on for some time. Replacing the catalytic converter, which turns harmful exhaust into less hazardous emissions, is one of the most expensive types of repair for a car. It generally will not fail unless some sort of other problem occurred first, such as any of the above issues, which would have triggered the check engine light first.

At Lake City Auto Care Coeur d'Alene we offer fast and reliable check engine light diagnostics in Coeur d’Alene for all makes and models. Our auto repair shop is staffed by knowledgeable technicians who can identify and fix any check engine light issue, as well as all other types of problems your car may suffer from. To learn more about our services or to schedule expert auto repair in Coeur d’Alene give us a call and we will be happy to make you an appointment.


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